Public Law

Public Law

Policies and actions of the European Union institutions; administrative decisions and appeals, and applications for judicial review in any area of public law; cooperation between public authorities; administrative agreements and contracts; expropriations; local public works and services; public liability.

Legal regime applicable to infrastructure

Motorway financing and management, highways management, legal and financial regime applicable to ports; air transport and airport infrastructure; hydraulic works.

Public and economic law

Public sector businesses; savings banks; public grants; Spanish and EC competition law; ecomic criminal law.

Tax law

Procedure for tax returns and assessment, tax reviews.

Property and Planning Law

Land and town planning; property developments; construction law; housing law; environmental protection rules for natural and urban areas.

Water legislation

Advice on the application of environmental regulations; environmental impact statement; integrated environmental permit (Autorización Ambiental Integrada - AAI); environmental liability, natural resource development plan (plan de ordenación de recursos naturales – PORN), usage and management master plan (plan rector de uso y gestión – PRUG), bird special protection area (zona de especial protección para las aves – ZEPA), site of community interest (lugar de importancia comunitaria – LIC), special area of conservation (zona especial de conservación – ZEC).


Advice on the application of environmental regulations; environmental impact statement; Integrated Environmental Permit; environmental liability, PORN, PRUG, ZEPA, LIC, ZEC.

Other areas

Legal regime applicable to universities and educational establishments, professional associations, chambers of commerce and the professions; healthcare, pharmaceutical and food law.