How we work

Our work is organised on the following pillars:


"Ad hoc" teams

The firm always assigns its cases to at least two people, adding an external collaborator on large projects. This corrects any unilateral view or tunnel vision in the approach to the case.

Inter-action with the client

We maintain an on-going relationship with the client, making sure that we listen carefully and respond exactly to the client's needs.


Quality guarantee

Quality is a constant concern and a characteristic that we are very proud to proclaim. As we have already said, Ariño y Villar is a firm of legal craftsmen, often providing a second legal opinion, hence the need to produce reports and opinions with the greatest of care.


Always up to date

The firm has an extraordinary and select library and a major documentation centre on strategic sectors which is kept up to date by a specialist at all times.


Continuing professional development

Notwithstanding the preferred field of each of its members, Ariño y Villar places particular emphasis on the training of all its lawyers. The continual updating of their knowledge of the procedural instruments that form part of the legal process is another of its training priorities. Experience gained from litigation is therefore continually used and is adapted to subsequent legislative changes.